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    FruitBasketyay: lmao you really suck at this xD

    SoulCypress: What? 14 minutes and you didn't click "create".

    Vector: I dont like that classes are bound on genders

    kayla macleod: I would say you got Mikasa perfectly :)

    The Dreamer: can i play this?  i live in europe .. or i need an korean IP?

    Zeoz: Dat ass!!!

    Roman Vatichuk: face looks  cool but ather body parts have rly bad textures(

    Vlican: that's some detailed character creation!!

    Breadback: Is that...what I think it is? Butt physics?! In a MMO?!

    Canti654: One detail I really like is that you can change the lighting to see how your character looks in different lighting situations. Most games you're stuck with full lighting which doesn't let you see how shadows affect your avatar's appearance.

    Orion Xavier: ArcheAge is another amazing Korean MMO, similar in many ways to Black Desert. TRION is currently beta testing their localized (English) version to be released probably around Summer (2014). It would be awesome if they or someone else could pick up Black Desert sooner or later.

    Orion Xavier: Black Desert's female Archer is definitely my favorite in combat style and appearance. I just started playing Continent of the 9th (also originally Korean) and it seems Black Desert borrowed a lot from it. 

    Tulip Dew: I'm loving all the different/cute archer outfits

    Callum Walker: I would actually spend soooooo much time in the character creation. I wish western mmo's were this detailed.

    Uber Leet: fap2play

    MrMilkyCoco: so let me guess we need to buy nicer looker inner wear with real money I assume? Idk they did so well in everything else texture wise but they give you crappy pasty looking underwear...they couldve at least given it some design LOL even old rags would be better ><<br />
    Younesse Loutry: i like this 

    ELBIDA: 太った体型のキャラクターカスタマイズ動画を見てみたい・・・

    Andrei Gradinaru: The textures on this game are just amazing.


    Black Desert Online 2nd Beta Female Archer Customization HD 5 out of 5

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